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What is FIRMA Energywear?


FIRMA energywear is an exciting new line of active, vocational, and shapewear that provides passive therapeutic benefits to the wearer.  From increased circulation to enhanced tissue health, FIRMA will help you feel and look great at the same time!

How does it work?

FIRMA features a special fabric that has active biocrystals woven into it.  These biocrystals receive infrared radiation (heat) given off by the wearer's body and reflect it as longer far-infrared waves which provide multiple benefits.

Improved Blood Circulation

Active biocrystals hold heat and stiumulate microcirculation by reflecting the heat back into the body, causing a warming circulatory effect.  This stimulation causes a host of benefits, such as increased vasodilation and superior tissue health.

Anti-Cellulite Effects

Clinical trials and studies have been done to prove that FIRMA can reduce the appearance of cellulite with continuous wear.  In a study where people wore FIRMA for at least 6 hours per day for 30 days, the average participant lost between 2-5 inches!

Reduced Muscle Fatigue

FIR energy will help muscle tissue transport and synthesize lactic acid more quickly.  This means quicker recovery of slow muscles and less pain.

Everlasting Effects

Previous garments offering FIR effects attained them through fabric treatments and coatings. FIRMA's magic is found in the DNA of the fabric, meaning it cannot wash out or become ineffective in any way.

Improved Thermoregulation

The active biocrystals in FIRMA absorb heat and reflect it helping your body regulate body temperature and maintain comfort control.